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Server maintenance is the process of maintaining updated software and keeping it running so that the computer network can function smoothly and avoid any downtime, service interruption, or data loss.

Regular server maintenance keeps the server functional and operational as required and helps avoid a total or partial network failure. Server maintenance includes tasks like reviewing the server’s performance, ensuring automated system monitoring utilities are properly installed and configured, identifying potential security risks, and backing up data at regular intervals.

Steps during Server Maintenance:

Servers are maintained to reduce server outages and facilitate the smooth operation of the server (a standalone computer that provides data and other services to one or several other computers on a given network).

Various steps are required to follow during maintenance of a Server:

Backup Verification

Take a backup before doing any update and make sure your backups are working fine. Make certain that you have selected the right backup and right location.

Check disk usage

Keep your disk storage clean, delete old emails, logs, and software versions that are not in use. Keep an eye over your disk usage if your partition reaches 100 percent, your server may stop working and database tables and data may get corrupt or can even be lost.

Monitor RAID Alarms

Monitor your RAID status; all servers should use RAID. A single disk failure can cause a complete system failure.

Update Your Operating System

Always keep your system updated. Operating Systems release frequent updates and staying on top of these updates can be a complex task. Use automated patch management tools and have monitoring in place to alert when a system is out of date.

Update your Control Panel

If you are using a control panel then make sure to update it as well. This will keep your system up to date and fix any issues is there related to hosting.

Check application updates

Update your web applications timely.

Check remote management tools
Maintain your remote server via remote console, remote reboot and remote rescue mode. These are essential tools for the maintenance of remote servers.

Check for hardware errors

Hardware problems are quite common but they create a big issue. So keep a record or log of any previous hardware issue like disk read error, network failure.

Check server utilization

Review your server’s disk, CPU, RAM, and network utilization.

Review user accounts

If you have had user changes, you will want to remove these users from your system. Storing old users’ logs can cause both security and legal risk.

Check system security

Periodically review your server’s security using any remote auditing tool. We are Al Barsha Company in Dubai, a renowned server maintenance company in Dubai. We are determined to provide the best server maintenance services to our clients and we have been serving our clients for the past 16 years. We have so far assisted our clients in more than 870 projects throughout our remarkable journey. We provide the fastest and the most reliable technical service to our clients.