Mobile Battery Replacement Al Barsha, Dubai

Notice your device and if it is slow to respond to taps and prompts or that apps take longer to launch or respond to commands or, if your phone drains more rapidly than in the past, is slower to power up, never powers up to 100%, shuts down unexpectedly under normal conditions, or will not run unless it is plugged into the charger. Then you need to think about battery replacement.

Other more ominous signs include the phone heating up while charging or feeling thicker (perhaps the result of a ruptured battery), or perhaps there are no signs of life no matter what you do. Any of these circumstances can signal a failing, dead, or even hazardous battery. You can also reach us at for reliable battery replacement in Dubai at Al Barsha.

Battery Replacement Guide

For smartphones with removable batteries, replacement is as easy as turning off your phone and putting the new one in. But most current Android smartphones come with non-removable batteries, so the task has become more difficult. But it never meant impossible, may be quite cumbersome. If you want to opt for the DIY route, you will have to take your smartphone apart, detach the screen and other parts before getting to the battery. But most of the parts are glued together, you would also have to remove and then reapply adhesive. You are not advised to opt for this method if you do not have the right tools.

Some of the basic tools as advised by the experts at mobile replacement at Al Barsha are a suction handle, flat opening tool, tweezers, heat gun to melt adhesive, and a screwdriver. Replacement adhesive is also a must. Unfortunately, buying an official battery from an OEM is almost impossible, so we at the best mobile replacement in Dubai at Al Barsha, advise you stick to proven battery retailers with good ratings for repair kits and batteries.

In case, if you already have the necessary tools and have followed our tutorial appropriately you can give it a try to easily replace your phone’s battery but it’s important to first have your battery below 25 percent. Charged lithium-ion batteries can catch fire or explode if accidentally punctured. If your battery is swollen when you open your device, you shouldn’t proceed with the replacement, especially if you are inexperienced. Bring your phone to the mobile replacement in Dubai, we will get the things done at your behest.

So, if you feel like you don’t have the patience or skill, it’s best to take or mail your smartphone to the best mobile battery replacement in Dubai at Al Barsha. We are always glad to assist you and render our services at the most economic rates. We strive for our client’s satisfaction.